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Paul was asked to run the London Marathon for the Guild of Patten Makers.

They raise money to help fund the charity which engineers shoes  required to fit the prosthetic feet of injured ex servicemen and women.

Inspired by his visit to the Headley Court facility  who help injured ex-military literally get back on their feet, he decided to run the Marathon in Brogues.


The start of the fund raising campaign was the easy part… there was training needed to get used to running in the shoes.   Thank fully the Thomas Partridge shoes were being engineered to be instantly wearable so already featured many attributes which would help Paul on his run….





With the Pembrey Brogue finalised Paul took one of the first pairs off the production line and had to start training in them.

Yes they looked rather daft… so his first few runs were in the dark, until he was sure he was going to be able to pull off what he had signed himself up for.

There were many changes to get used to… the hard heel ‘donking’ with every step… the slightly strange angle of the shoe… the slippery heel tip… and of course the toe rubbing.

With his trusty Dolly the dog training partner many miles of pavement were pounded…

leading on to his first race.  Winchester 10k.



thanks for looking.  Be sure to check back for 10k post.

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