What is TP DECOM?

It’s for those who appreciate something a little different. Something that has gone the extra miles.

We have been exploring a project working with BLESMA members (British Limbless veterans charity) to recycle and repurpose salvaged military kit, in particular boots, destined for landfill. From these salvaged pieces we create new and exciting products.

Each product is unique and has it’s own story woven into each pair. We believe we are the only company to take salvaged military boots and break them down to repurpose in this way. It’s highly labour intensive and is made possible by a group of like-minded folk getting together, chopping up redundant army boots and chewing the fat over a decent cuppa. The resulting ‘pieces’ form the start of something completely unique. Each style is made in limited edition small batches.

We are currently making three Thomas Partridge DECOM styles:


Thomas Partridge proudly works with BLESMA helping them to support their members.

Click the BLESMA link to learn more: