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Introducing Thomas Partridge Ambassadors

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Jordan Wylie, Author & Adventurer.


A “Hussar” was a member of a class of light cavalry, originating in Central Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. The title and distinctive exquisite dress code of the cavalryman’s attire became synonymous with confidence, style and panache before, during and after battle, these men were the finest and never to far from the frontline.

Hussars had a reputation stemmed deep in military history for being the dashing, if unruly, adventurers of the British armed forces.

Jordan epitomises both the Cavalry traditions of the British Army and the values and high standards that make Thomas Partridge a household name in the veterans community and he is both delighted and honoured to fly the flag for a brand that comes from a true military heritage and maintains the highest levels of discipline, integrity and professional standards at all times!

Jordan commented:

“It’s a great privilege to be invited to be TP’s first official ambassador and it is not a role I will take lightly either. I believe wholeheartedly in the vision and values of this company and to support my friend Simon Hamer who lost both of legs in Afghanistan makes this a real special and important relationship for me personally and one I will give my all to always”