The Story of Thomas Partridge Shoes


The original factory was founded in Northampton in 1876, and over the years passed through the family to brothers Cyril and Thomas.

The Thomas Partridge factory produced quality footwear for the Armed Services, specialising in the Army boot which was supplied to both World Wars.


Mr Jeffery held the position of the factory manager, at 19 he was the youngest factory manager in the County.  He worked for many years for the brothers but the depression of the 1930’s meant business was tough and the factory was left short of work.


Unfortunately Tom and Cyril didn’t cut down their expenditure, according to hearsay they continued to spend their money on drink and chorus girls and probably wasted the rest.  By 1933 the factory was bankrupt and closed.


Mr Jeffery along with everyone else was out of a job, so he decided to see what he could do. He approached businesses in the village and borrowed money from anyone that would help, the butcher, the baker, the doctor… Somehow he managed to scrape enough money together and went to the factory to speak to the receivers and bought the business. He visited the factory workers homes and said “come back in the morning, the business is mine, you’ve still got a job”.  That is how the Jeffery family became involved in Thomas Partridge.


Thomas Partridge Shoes has recently been re-launched as a joint enterprise between two established UK shoe companies:

Jeffery-West is an established luxury English brand which offers distinctive high grade footwear from retail outlets in London, New York and elsewhere.

Bennett & Baxter Ltd specialises in product design, global sourcing and international sales.  


Drawing on our military background, our current boots and shoes are made using top quality materials, and are engineered for comfort and style. The shape of our lasts pays homage to our original military boots with their distinctive ‘toe spring’.

Whilst we look to the past for inspiration, our current styles fit perfectly with the modern wardrobe. Our collection offers smart shoes for formal occasions, and military-styled boots for a more contemporary look.